American Watercolor Society

I’ve always had what some might consider a convoluted strategy in working toward career goals: start at the top. The strategy paid off this year when I was accepted into the 150th American Watercolor Society international exhibition as a signature member.

Who Am I? It’s All Relative.

Who am I is perhaps the toughest question an artist, or any person for that matter, might ask themselves. How did I get to be the person/artist I am today?

Artistic Snobbery

Up to a point, one could say I’m an art snob. There are certain types of art I don’t gravitate towards and not because they lack merit. They just don’t speak to my creative or emotional sensibilities. I think it’s acceptable to make personal value judgments about art in that manner in order to develop […]

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

How many times have you seen a beautiful painting at an art exhibit framed badly? Or, entered a competition only to be rejected for an award because of a bad presentation? A fellow artist had such an experience where his beautiful painting was juried into a show but later discovered the judge rejected it for […]

Really. How Do You Find an Audience for Your Art?

This is a question I frequently ask and, surely, I’m not the only one to ask it. I’m confident in most of my business skills. With my background as a freelance designer, I’m familiar with maximizing tax deductions, getting paid (relatively) on time, and having the discipline to meet deadlines. However, where I get woefully bogged […]

Influence? Inspiration?

I am sometimes confused between the words influence and inspiration. My simple way of defining influences are the things, events or people that move you in a particular direction while inspiration is the result of those influences which motivate you to create. Others may have more succinct or academic definitions, but, for now, this one […]

Creative Tiers: Moving to a Higher Level

I believe we, as artists, are on different creative tiers of development in our careers and there are always those who are on a higher or lower tier. That tier structure has always been there and will always be there. Our job is to constantly seek improvement to move to the next higher tier. Finding […]

Art vs. Art: The Decision to Compete

I’m not an aggressive competitor by nature. I don’t spend long hours playing mind-numbing video games or watching every sporting event that happens to be on TV though I do like to watch a great matchup. There is nothing inherently wrong with the competitive spirit but I have known people who live to compete regardless […]

The Art (Gift) of Small Talk

My wife is brilliant! Yeah, I know every husband says that about his wife. At least he should. I am not talking about Jeri’s visionary brilliance in developing compelling artwork with unique color palettes, patterns, and shapes mere mortals are envious of. I am not even talking about her culinary brilliance in being able to prepare something from nothing.